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CS50x Final Project Update

My Project

I'm finally at the climax of the Harvard's CS50x course with only the Final Project remaining. I decided to do a News site using some of the new things I've learned in CS50x. I use the default HTML CSS Js for Front-end and Flask as my Back-end along with a News API gotten from


So far I've gotten a few things done which are

  • Register and Login Page with validation
  • Database for storing user-data
  • The main page which displays News gotten from the API
  • Lazy-Loading: More news are loaded as the user scrolls to the bottom of the page
  • Searching for specific news
  • Filter out news by categories e.g Sports, Business, Tech

FrontPage of the Project

Searching for OnlyFans

I'm currently thinking of removing the ability to create accounts because I can't think of a way to utilize it, I originally wanted it to be that the user can choose their interests and only get news based on that but now I'm not sure if it's even necessary to implement that. But I will try to implement the feature, if I can't then I will remove the ability to create an account.

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