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Connecting Asana with Intellij/PHPStorm

Press CTRL + ALT + S or go to File > Settings

Go to Tools > Tasks > Servers and press the small plus icon at the top.

Settings menu

Select Asana in the dropdown menu

Selection menu

In the bottom form fields will appear.

Fill in for Server url:

Fill in for project ID the project ID in the url when you look at your dashboard.

Copy and paste that in the Project ID field.


Click on new Access Token

Create access token

Enter a handy name for yourself so you know what you're using the token for(for example phpstorm)

Copy the token generated, and store it in a password manager like keepass, for when you need it again.

Copy access token

Copy the access token to the username field. Keep the password field empty

Check the "Use HTTP authentication" checkbox

Use http authentication

Click on the "Server Configuration" Tab.

Server Configuration

Make sure your tasks lists url is

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You can retrieve WORKSPACE_ID from and then use the value in gid in the workspaces object.

Workspace ID

And your Single Task URL is

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Change the value for id from id to gid

Change to GID

And the value of singleTask-id from to data.gid


And the value of singleTask-issueUrl from to data.permalink_url

Click on Test Connection, and everything should go smoothly.

A new dropdown will appear in the top right, where you can select open task

Open task

Opening this window will open a screen with all the asana tasks. You can also browse your tasks via Tools > Tasks & Contents

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jjsanmartino03 profile image
Julián Jorge Sanmartino

Thanks, I didn't know this was possible! However, the parameters assignee and workspaces are not valid anymore, I believe. I had to omit them