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Migrating Apache Flume Flows to Apache NiFi: Kafka Source to HDFS / Kudu / File / Hive

Migrating Apache Flume Flows to Apache NiFi: Kafka Source to HDFS / Kudu / File / Hive

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This is one possible simple, fast replacement for "Flafka".

Consume / Publish Kafka And Store to Files, HDFS, Hive 3.1, Kudu

Consume Kafka Flow

Merge Records And Store As AVRO or ORC

Consume Kafka, Update Records via Machine Learning Models In CDSW And Store to Kudu

Source: Apache Kafka Topics

You enter a few parameters and start ingesting data with or without schemas. Apache Flume had no Schema support. Flume did not support transactions.

Sink: Files

Storing to files in files systems, object stores, SFTP or elsewhere could not be easier. Choose S3, Local File System, SFTP, HDFS or wherever.

Sink: Apache Kudu / Apache Impala

Storing to Kudu/Impala (or Parquet for that manner could not be easier with Apache NiFi).

Sink: HDFS for Apache ORC Files

When completes, the ConvertAvroToORC and PutHDFS build the Hive DDL for you! You can build the tables automagically with Apache NiFi if you wish.


(sensor_id BIGINT, sensor_ts BIGINT, is_healthy STRING, response STRING, sensor_0 BIGINT, sensor_1 BIGINT,

sensor_2 BIGINT, sensor_3 BIGINT, sensor_4 BIGINT, sensor_5 BIGINT, sensor_6 BIGINT, sensor_7 BIGINT, sensor_8 BIGINT,

sensor_9 BIGINT, sensor_10 BIGINT, sensor_11 BIGINT)


LOCATION '/tmp/iotsensors'

Sink: Kafka

Publishing to Kafka is just as easy! Push records with schema references or raw data. AVRO or JSON, whatever makes sense for your enterprise.

Write to data easily with no coding and no changes or redeploys for schema or schema version changes.

** Pick a Topic and Stream Data While Converting Types**

Clean UI and REST API to Manage, Monitor, Configure and Notify on Kafka

Other Reasons to Use Apache NiFi Over Apache Flume

DevOps with REST API, CLI, Python API

*Schemas! * We not only work with semi-structured, structured and unstructured data. We are schema and schema version aware for CSV, JSON, AVRO, XML, Grokked Text Files and more.

Flume Replacement Use Cases Implemented in Apache NiFi

Sink/Source: JMS

Source: Files/PDF/PowerPoint/Excel/Word Sink: Files

Source: Files/CSV Sink: HDFS/Hive/Apache ORC

Source: REST/Files/Simulator Sink: HBase, Files, HDFS. ETL with Lookups.

Flume Replacement - Lightweight Open Source Agents

If you need to replace local Log to Kafka agents or anything to Kafka or anything to anything with routing, transformation and manipulation. You can use Edge Flow Manager deployed MiNiFi Agents available in Java and C++ versions.


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