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Create a large number of C# applications at once

Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, Fukuoka.NET
・1 min read

I'm waiting for Visual Studio 2022!

One of the most important features of Visual Studio 2022 is that it will be 64-bit.

This means that Visual Studio will not run out of memory even when developing large applications.

The above blog also shows the launch of the solution, which includes 1600 projects.

I want to experience the same thing when Visual Studio 2022 is released so that I can create huge solutions at once.

NET Core provides a command line interface (CLI), so you can create solution files and project files all with commands.

Let's just keep on creating them with for statements!

dotnet new sln -o $SOLUTION_NAME

for i in `seq 1000`
  dotnet new console -n $APP_NAME --no-restore
  dotnet sln $SOLUTION_NAME.sln add $APP_NAME
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