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Brett Stevenson
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🖐️ Hi, I'm Brett

Hi, my name is Brett and I'm a Computer Science student and Open-source developer with a passion for design and a propensity for run-on sentences.
After spending the last couple weeks enjoying the community and contents of this site I've stumbling upon a few introduction posts, so I figured that writing my own introduction would be a good start.
While I was first introduced to programming using Java and C++, my perpetual curiosity has since led me to explore Python, Lua, Perl, and most recently Javascript. More specifically, I've recently been exploring the capabilities of Node.js and creating cross-platform desktop applications using Javascript. This has led to my most recent project, Hyde, a markdown editor that aims to improve the accessibility of creating beautiful markdown documents for developers and non-developers, alike.

I'm always interested in talking to other developers and collaborating or contributing to new projects, so feel free to contact me on any of the following platforms if you're interested in working together or just want to say hi!

Website ‌• GitHub ‌• Twitter ‌• deviantArt

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