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Monitoring stack for your frontend application

You and your team had been working hard to meet the deadline for launching your app. Now comes the part where you need to analyze the user's behavior. The next step is to iterate on your product to increase your sales or conversion rate. Apart from that, you need to also maintain your application and do bug fixes. To achieve that, we need some proper tools.

I will share with you the monitoring stack which I'm using in my projects. These tools helped me to increased sales and I was able to catch all the bugs in the applications.

Google analytics

This is the most popular and free digital known out there. It provides you with tracking and understanding of your website. Thanks to it, you know who is visiting your site and where they come from. I use it for tracking the users and analyzing the flows but it has also a ton of other features.


This is my favorite one. It makes video recording per each visitor to record the user behavior. It is like you can watch users using your website by standing behind their back. Now you have a clear and visual understanding of what is happening on your website. With that knowledge, you know exactly what is preventing the conversion rate. Other features worth mentioning are heatmaps, form analysis, feedback polls.

Google optimize

A tool that helps you to do AB testing quick and easy. You can set in percentage the ratio for the split test. I used to test our new features measure which brings more revenue or has a better conversion rate.


My go-to monitoring and error tracking application. Without that, I won't be able to identify issues in realtime. Also, it can give you error traceback so it makes it easier for debugging.


This is a log management tool. Sometimes, when sentry is not even enough. You need to dig deeper into the bug, the logs will serve you as a UI search and do some piping


This is your live chat tool for support and sales. Many of you know Intercom as an alternative. But Intercom can be quite expensive and that's is why I prefer Drift which offers the free version.


These tools can give you a better understanding of your product. Where the goal is to figure out the weak points to improve them and to achieve your goals. I would definitely tell you to use some of these tools. By having these insights, it can save you money and development time.

What is your monitoring stack? Are there any other tools worth mentioning? Drop me a comment on what you are using in your company.

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