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Optimal way to store/consume scheduled/recurring events

I am working on best way to store the scheduled and recurring events. I am taking inspiration from here -

I will be storing any events as RRule(iCal Events - and duration of the event as separate properties.
The structure will look like this.

class Schedule {
    String rRule; //Varchar
    String startTime; //DateTime
    String endTime; //DateTime

With this structure the clients can show the events on calendar without querying the API.

It gets interesting when the events can be modified.
For Ex: Schedule = 'Daily at 10:00, duration 2 Hours' creates an event for everyday. But the user can modify(disable) any particular event. and this change should be stored. For this the above article suggests to use EventException( where the modified events are stored.

But in my use case I want to store if the event was successfully completed. (I can mitigate this by saying any event by default is successful, if there was some modification I store it in EventException and need to be fetched from here)

So I would like your opinion if this is the best way to do it? Did you have similar experience and how it was solved.
I am working on it to design a solution which reduces the work for both frontend and backend.

Also is it wise to store the RRule as a separate entity instead of a string?

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