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2nd time being Sheriff

Sheriff duties:

Last week, my sheriff duties were a bit different than usual. Aside from going over issues/PRs, assigning issues to people, I worked with Hung to group issues into different areas that we wanted to focus on for 3.0 alpha in the wiki. Moreover, with the help of other colleagues in the Thursday triage meeting, we went over the list of issues again and decided which one to go or stay in the project's milestone. I saw my growth in that session, I didn't know much about Telescope just 3 months ago and last week I knew which part of the project to be prioritize, shifted even to lower level in some parts I didn't work on, I gained the knowledge from doing reviews.

My contribution:

I didn't do much in terms putting more code into the repo but I helped people move their code by doing reviews. One of the highlights last week was

  • We finally deployed Supabase to production, hiding it behind an auth wall. This required changes to docker and nginx which were mostly done by David and Kevan. I need to read up on Kevan's work to understand nginx implementation.
  • We added a secret.env file to live in staging and production
  • Seeding feeds script to supabase
  • We had some hiccups with the oAuth configs but they were resolved quickly

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