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Adding markdown parsing to SSG

Moving into week 3, I was asked to add markdown support to another student's repo.

Adding markdown support to Francesco's dodo-SSG

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It seems simple at first but markdown (.md) files have more complicated format than text files. Replacing headings, italic and bold text is easy by replacing any that matches but when it comes to paragraph, it will not work if the paragraphs are not separated by 2 new lines characters. I will add a path for that issue.

I added some more logic to the script without altering the existing code, I also refactored a piece of code, turning it into a function.

Pull request stories

My code didn't get accepted the first time, Francesco had some comments on how to improve the pull request (program not accepting .md file, updating README).

If my repo received a pull request, I would really appreciate the contributor's time and effort to improve my code base. Of course, not every PR is perfect, I could spot some improvements can be made in the commits, adding a comment in the PR or creating an issue and assigning the the author to the task.

Take a look at our pull requests:

Francesco's SSG

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