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re: It's just the new tech that's the issue. Pick something concrete and start learning it. Perhaps, even build a real project with that tech stack fo...

Thanks! The reason for asking it is less of prioritisation but more "how do we put that into our career". For example right now, I have solid experience with React Native. To do, for the sake of the argument, ML what would be the step? Even if I learn and do some projects, I am mostly curious as to how will getting a company say "Yes, come be the senior/lead of ML here".

It is a huge question mark since it will be needed for most of us and knowing how to transition allows us to be more flexible & secure.

Thanks for the kind reply by the way!

I think devs who can demonstrate that they are quick learners and thrive in an environment where they need to learn things and get-up-and-running fast are necessary.

If you can somehow showcase that on your resume, cover letters, or whatever then def. helps!

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