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  1. Ligatures are weird and don't make code easier to read.

  2. You don't need to use bleeding edge/new shiny code features to have a good time. Especially for new operators when the existing method wasn't even difficult or time consuming.

  3. For languages with braces, while they can be optional for one line if-statements etc, please don't...

  4. SASS isn't the solution to CSS problems. Sure it can do some different stuff but just switching CSS to SASS doesn't solve poorly written/structured CSS.


Ligatures are weird and don't make code easier to read.

Intellectually, they're just another glyph; no different than any other letter. I can't read Russian, that doesn't make it unreadable. Everything is hard to read until you learn to read it.

Emotionally, yeah, I don't use them either. Hipster nonsense. ;-)


True while they are just another glyph, even if I was use to reading them, they don't make code any easier - they are just another way of representing something that wasn't even a problem.

It is kinda like a solution in search of a problem.

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