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Tushar  Borole
Tushar Borole

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One click deploy solution for docker-compose.yml?

Is there one click deploy solution out there in the market (like heroku), if you want to deploy app having docker-compose.yml? I want to do it for

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I haven't tried this yet but to my knowledge if you want to deploy to a k8s cluster kompose can convert or straightforward deploy (kompose up) docker-compose into kubernetes/openshift

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Kevin Ard • Edited

Not precisely (that I know of), but: docker-compose plays VERY WELL with rsync. It sort of hints at the "works for me" thing we hear so much in docker world. If you precisely mirror your local dev to prod, it generally works just fine.

To supplement that, I have a collection of ansible playbooks that do things like setup a digital ocean droplet with common users and dir structure - but then I just rsync my local there

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Jay Thompson

It's not exactly one click, but you can provision Docker hosts on Digital Ocean or AWS using Docker Machine, and deploy using the Compose CLI.