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6,000+ pages sounds like it would be a pain to rebuild with each change. I've considered something like Gatsby for a large site I manage with mostly static content, but we've got 9,000+ posts and I'm concerned about the build times whenever someone realizes they made a small typo.

Is Gatsby smart enough to only build what changed, or does it build everything every time? And how long does that take?


Gatsby is pretty smart. Building has been slow in the past, but it's steadily getting faster.


You can both cache the build inside of Gatsby and on Netlify. :)


Smashing Magazine switched from WordPress to a JAMstack: netlify.com/case-studies/smashing/


I have no idea, but it really should be smart enough to build what’s changed. Seems like fairly straightforward diffing.


This is more of a question than a statement. I thought that was what a React app was good at. Only building what had changed.


Try Hugo. Your 9000 page site will take a second to build. Most likely less.

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