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Sometimes I feel like the only person who absolutely does not want ligatures in my programming font. I much prefer seeing exactly the characters I typed. I don't want to risk reading something wrong because a ligature changed what I expected to see.


I get this exact feeling when I switch between JavaScript & MarkDown files.

In JavaScript, ligaturized arrows give me an instant feedback that my code is correct. But in a MarkDown file, I'd like to see what's shown to other people.


You are not alone Tom. It's a matter for preference for me.


I agree exactly. I'd rather see what I typed.


Same, but TBF after decades of reading code without ligatures I'm pretty accustomed to equating != with .


You're not alone :D


Nah you're not alone. I love ligatures but I don't like them in my code. Some things in Fira Code are nice (like the multiplication × for hexadecimals) but it would be nice to have that while switching off the ligatures.


Yeah, ligatures are terrible for readability and im pretty sure its just a fad for cool kids that like to spend way too much time configuring things just to look different. ;)


I'm intrigued.
How long did you give it, and what languages?

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