What tips do you have for starting a podcast?

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I've decided I want to start an interview-style podcast, but I'm not sure where to go from here.

What tips, tools, and general recommendations do you have for taking an idea for a podcast to production?

Specific to interview podcasts: how do you schedule times with guests?

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Hey! I would try and get a backlog of episodes so you aren't ever scrambling to get one out. Also, on that same line, consistency is key so people know when to look for episodes. I would dm people on twitter to ask them to be guests (at least that's my favorite place to be asked). Also, most people tend to use Calendly to schedule interviews.

Pinecast is πŸ”₯ for hosting, and we just applied to all providers through them.

Like with everything, this all is dependent on your goals too!


Thanks so much!!

Pinecast & Calendly look like they will be a great fit for what I need πŸ˜„


A new idea. I find it hard to commit to trying a new podcast if I already have one that scratches that itch/ covers that topic or idea. And they probably already have a backlog I can go back and listen too.

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