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Introducing the Cloud Native Development Landscape

Hello community.

I'm a managing director with Dell Tech Capital, and we've been working on defining a developer landscape along with a cloud native development landscape.

This matters to developers as cloud native development is on the rise. According to Gartner, IDC, and Goldman Sachs, containers are shaping into a $7 billion opportunity by 2021. 75% will be for deploying new applications enabled by containers, especially cloud native apps.

Bringing awareness to the (many) approaches for building cloud native applications and the products which are shaping this future helps us all get to that future a little quicker.

This landscape covers:
🌟 200 companies
🌟 $2.85B in venture capital raised
🌟 $27B in annualized revenues
🌟 $100B in market capitalization
👉🏼Part of the Developer-Led Landscape
👉🏼Why Building Cloud Native Apps is Hard (it's about the state!)
👉🏼Cloud Native Development is on the Rise
👉🏼Approach 1: Reactive Architecture for Stateful Microservices and Stateful Serverless
👉🏼Approach 2: Event-Driven Architecture and Event Streaming for Loosely-Coupled State Processing
👉🏼Approach 3: Stateless Middleware Running on Stateful Orchestration (Horizontally Scalable Storage + Planet-Scale Database)
👉🏼Approach 4: Jamstack, Reactive GUIs, and Headless CMS for Decoupling State, Model, and Representation to Scale Stateful Front Ends
👉🏼Vendor Fragmentation, Standards, and a Need for Leadership

Read the landscape:

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