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re: Posts here on DEV.to should contain actual substantial content, not just be intended to promote another external work. From the Terms of Use: Use...

There is, in fact, a difference. When the book becomes available, I will be using a listing for sharing purchase details, book features, etc. That post you linked to was acceptable because the announcement is directly relevant to the readers of that series, and to the series itself (which is substantial content in its own right).

However, I will gladly appeal to @ben , @jess , and @michaeltharrington if you'd like an official word on this topic.

Hey hey folks!

I'd definitely agree that this works best for listings and is likely to get better traction there. Not to say that you need to delete the post, but please do consider sharing this there for future reference as we're working to move more promotional/actionable content there.

Also, I think that Jason's post makes sense in the context of the series, and the series definitely offers more than enough helpful content!

There is definitely a bit of grey area here, and we're still working out the kinks of how to moderate this sort of thing. Sorry that things aren't always clear. The main thing is to try to post content that can stand on its own and be helpful. But, if you're just looking to promote something, listings is the way to go!

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