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Jason C. McDonald
Jason C. McDonald

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Dead Simple Python (An Announcement)

First order of business, to all the fans of the Dead Simple Python series, fear not! More articles are coming this year!

As you've probably noticed, the series has been on hiatus since March, due to some unforeseen circumstances. In the past month, however, the reason for the delay has been very different, and quite exciting!

Dead Simple Python is going to be a full-length book! I signed on with No Starch Press (publisher of Python Crash Course and Automate the Boring Stuff With Python) earlier this month. I've been hard at work on the book ever since, converting the series so far into the first several chapters.

The book will contain all the same information as the article series, and much, much more! I'm diving into many topics that were skipped in the series, and including many expanded explanations.

Cover for "Dead Simple Python" by Jason C. McDonald

Where Can I Get The Book?

The Dead Simple Python book is available from No Starch Press NOW, wherever you buy your books!

How Can I Help?

Keep reading the articles and giving your feedback in the comments! I read each and every response, and use them to improve the articles (and thus the book).

And, of course, please share the article series with your friends, co-workers, and social media connections.

Stay tuned for more of the Dead Simple Python series, coming VERY soon!

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Ryan Palo

Congratulations! That's amazing! You and No Starch probably have your own infrastructure/people for technical reviews already, but, just in case, if you ever need a technical reviewer (someone to read through the book, make sure the code examples run, give feedback on how the book/explanations flow), I would love to help out. I did it for @bphogan 's book Small, Sharp Software Tools, and it was super fun.

Anyways, congrats again, and I'm excited to see more of the series! :)

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Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Waiting to read it in book form 🔥

brandonskerritt profile image

Exciting! I love this series :)

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Jim park

Congratulations Jason. Well deserved 👍