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Tomáš Zemanovič
Tomáš Zemanovič

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New, simpler and user-friendlier page

As we say in Czech “blacksmith’s mare walks barefoot” (or “the shoemaker’s children go barefoot” in English), my previous homepage with its Bootstrap based style looked admittedly so terrible that I myself didn’t enjoy looking at it anymore.

I finally found some time to give it much needed revamp. Also, many current developments in our industry are, to put it lightly, less than ideal and I wanted to make sure I am not just adding more fuel to the fire. It’s not just the things we can see straight away1, which are easier to laugh off, but more importantly the things that are hidden from most people’s sight2. In that spirit, all the content on this site is now self-hosted (well, except for the comments, 🤔, maybe I’ll setup something like this self-hosted commenting system one day).

To keep things simple, without making it too good, I’ve used Pure.css with its small, responsive modules. It is nice, but quite frankly, even though I’ve been making websites since my childhood, going back to CSS has been a total pain in the ass (even for something as simple as this website) after being spoilt with the awesome elm-ui (previously style-elements) that I’ve been using at work for well over a year. But the best thing about using Elm has really been its welcoming, friendly and inclusive community.

I’ve also added a simple way to estimate reading time for the blog posts. If you’re interested, you can see the source for this page on GitLab. Feel free to use any of it for your own page.

  1. Daryl Ginn on Twitter: “Every website in 2018…”

  2. Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web

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