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Freshly Learned Kotlin Techniques

Recently, the get/set methods have been making more sense.

In Android Studio, in the XML pages (activity) you can create an object. Once you give it a name, you can start some code in the .kt side

Like all variables before you change them, objects too have to be defined.

[val or var] [name of string you want to create] : [type of object] = findViewById ([the id name you created in the XML page])

Once you call it, you can set it.

[string name you created].[type of input you are going to change] = [value]

Example below for the most used type, TextView

val strengthText: TextView = findViewById(
strengthText.text = "Strength"
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There are other types and methods, but they all follow the same pattern. I’ll leave an example of how to change a picture.

val carPicture = findViewById<ImageView>(
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