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Hullo Devs!
Phew This feels good. The community, to be amongst like minded people. People whom I share the same interests with. People who I'd like to share a room with talking all day about code and tech!!
Well, I am a web developer, and I'm self-taught, like many. Python was my first love; but I just didnt like to do webby things with it! (Spiders,Pythons BFFs? Dont think so) --- So I love PHP!! I've been learning the language and I look forward to picking up a micro-framework for starters. I am learning the MVC software architecture approach. Then I move on to something more complex. I have been learning JS 'properly' and I still regret learning jQuery before learning Javascript. I dream of becoming a full stack developer one day but not the JS full stack. The PHP+1 relational+1 non relational DB at the backend and JS at the front-end kind of fullstack developer, you know. I am a big fan of fast loading sites, optimisations, web performance and accessible sites. I am also looking to learn Vue.JS and GraphQL. I think they are the future. Esp GraphQL. Time for REST to take a permanent REST. I have been thinking a lot about technical writing and I look forward to honing my skills here by dropping some write ups. Let's do this!

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