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NPM CLI (Covid-19 Special)

umargit profile image Umar Ahmed ・1 min read

Npm cli built using javascript.You can also build your own now.

Fork or Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/UmarGit/Covid-19-CLI.git

Install the project globally

npm install -g .

Now Run the Project from Command Prompt


Check Cases of a Country(like for Pakistan its country code is 'PK')

covid-19 -n PK

Check Cases of other Countries

covid-19 -n PK #Pakistan
covid-19 -n US #United States
covid-19 -n IF #Italy
covid-19 -n AF #Afghanistan
covid-19 -n CN #China


You can edit the index.js file and package.json as per your needs and make your own cli.How easy it was !.Please leave a star if you like this !


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