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So many clients

matyo91 profile image Mathieu Ledru Originally published at ・1 min read

A Client is a key part of Uniflow πŸ’§ concept and it is essential to understand his job.

A Client has one job πŸ¦„, and is job is to do it well ✨ at the more detail πŸš€ and fastest ⚑️ way possible, no matter the cost πŸ’₯.

This is why so many clients will never be enough βš”οΈ.

And what if : we mixed all the clients together ?

This is obvious to say that, but it allows to see things at another next level.

For instance, if I decide to write a new flow, why this specific flow can't have the similarity implemented in various clients ?

The underling concept here is to create a unified paradigm context for multiple distinct and specific clients.

Moreover, a new dedicated Library πŸ“– section is now open to list all available clients πŸ¦„. To get more information about client, refer to the Doc πŸ“š.

All this is now possible at Uniflow πŸ’§ today πŸš€.

Happy flowing. πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰

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