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Discussion on: [UPDATED] Discord - School Computer Edition

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Btw I have this same problem and I depend on discord right now. One bypass is downloading BetterDiscordPanel but you need someone on the other side to invite your bot to chat with them. First you need to go to then download as zip. Go to my files and right click and make a new folder. Go to recent and open the zip file. do ctrl + a and click, hold and drag to the folder. You need your phone or something and email yourself your discord bot token which you can find tutorial on youtube about it. Also search how to create a discord bot invite and send the invite on your phone to your friends and tell them to invite it (you need a bot application at discord dev portal btw). Go back to your files and go to where you copy and pasted the files to the folder. Search through the folder until you found index.html. Double click it and it should open. Now it requires you to enter your bot token. Go back into your email and copy paste the bot token. Once you are in, now go click the server your bot is in and go to the channel where you chat at. These messages and bypasses are all being done on this chromebook I am using right now :) This works 100% and you won't be able to find a bypass like this on youtube or anywhere else I found this bypass myself :)))