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VSCODE shortcuts for speedy editing

#1 Move line Up/Down

By using alt + Up Arrow / Down arrow we can easily move the lines up or down.

#2 Copy line Up/Down

By using shift + alt + Up Arrow / Down arrow we can copy current line up or down.

#3 Jump to matching brackets

By using Ctrl + shift + \ we can easily jump to matching brackets with less time when we got huge code.

#4 Indent line

By using Ctrl + ] or [ we can easily indent line in appropriate location, this helps us from pressing tab.

#5 Fold or unfold code

By using Ctrl + shift + [ or ] we can fold or unfold selected code or selected region.

#6 Toggle line comment

By using Ctrl+/ we can comment or uncomment the whole line, this makes easy to test or while rewriting code.

#7 Toggle block comment

By using Shift + alt +a we can toggle block comment (/* */). we can how imp comments are and we can't write block comment every time this makes it easy to write comment

Hope atleast one shortcut helps you out for speedy workflow

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