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Why your next project should be in Laravel?- A complete guide!


A lot of PHP based framework is available in the market but many turn out for Laravel as the framework. The reason behind is that Laravel is a framework which is the freeand open source.

Laravel is favored by the developers due to the stress-free coding and programming that it offers. The following framework works quite well for developing high-quality web applications as well as websites.

It also has a very good MVC architectural pattern and quick development approach that makes it stand out from the rest of the framework. Laravel is currently being used in many industries worldwide.

So, in the following article, we would we cover the features of Laravel and why you should be using it for your next project.

Here are the reasons why your next project should be in Laravel.

1) Object-oriented ** Libraries**

One of the top reasons why Laravel is considered as the best PHP framework because it has object-oriented libraries already installed which might not be formed in other PHP frameworks. It also has a collection of pre-installed libraries such as authentication library. The implementation of the following is quite easy and it comes up with a lot of advanced features such as password reset, CSRF encryption, and protection as well as Bcrypt hashing.

2) Security

While the development of a web application takes place, then it is quite necessary that the security of the web application is performed.

Laravel very well manage the security part within the framework. It makes use of the hashed and salted password, which certainly means that the password would never be saved in the form of plain text in the database.

It makes use of the bcrypthashing algorithm for generating the password that is being saved. It also makes use of the SQL statements for making injection attacks unimaginable.

Some of the security features that are used by Laravel have been mentioned below:-

  • Storing passwords
  • Encryption
  • Protecting routes
  • Configuration
  • HTTP basic authentication
  • Password reset and remainders

3) MVC support

One of the other top reasons why Laravel is the top framework of PHP is because of the fact that it is made using MVC architecture similar to Symfony and hence it ensures that there is a great clarity between presentation and logic.

MVC helps in boosting the performance has various built-in functionalities and further allow better documentation.

4) Artisan

Laravel comes up with a tool known as Artisan. In general, a developer needs to interact with a Laravel framework with the help of a command line which eventually helps in handling and creating the Laravel project environment.

A built-in tool is provided in Laravel for command-line which is known as Artisan. The following tools help in performing the majority of this tedious and repetitive programming task which in general the developers avoid performing it manually.

5) Authorization technique

The authentication techniques used by Laravel is quite simple and everything using this can be configured quite naturally. In addition, by the use of Laravel, you can easily control the access to the resources as well as organize authorization logic.

6) Database migration

Database migration is known as code depiction that is taking place in the database schema. The change that takes place in the database can be easily migrated using the migration technique into any other machine. This eventually helps to maintain database consistency.

7) Pagination

The paginator of laravel helps to paginate all the data present in the database and thus provide a user-friendly environment for the developers. Using the Laravel paginator, you can use the large databases in quite an aflexible manner.

In addition, it also helps in the changing of the URL parameter as well as applying different styles.

8) Easy installation

Without the need to install PHP, a pre-packaged vibrant box can be installed quite effortlessly and in a very small time without even interrupting any other projects which might be running on the machine. In addition, it provides a very good development environment and it is certainly quite user-friendly.

  • Automatic package discovery

In the earlier version, it got quite difficult to install the packages. With Laravel, a new feature known as automatic package discovery is added which helps in detecting the packages when it is needed by the user. This certainly means that the users won’t need to set up any provider by setting up the package.

The blade is the template used in Laravel. It is quite robust and smooth in nature. It doesn’t restrict the users from using the plain PHP code, unlike other frameworks. In addition, it doesn’t possess any burden to the web application. Users can easily pick and use the template whenever required.

  • Routing configuration

If you are using a browser, then the URL routing is quite important as it takes you to the desired link. If it is not performed in the right manner, then the web application may show blank pages or errors. In addition, Laravel holds the routings of the client/server in a very smooth manner.

If you are using a programming task configuration or management, then the time to complete the task is very important. The task can be anything such as clearing the database, sending the email etc. and hence proper management of these tasks are quite important.

For the following purpose, the framework has a Laravel command scheduler which can help you to define your task. Once the user runs the command, then Laravel can easily schedule the task accordingly as well as run the task which might be pending. In addition, it also schedules as well as manages the task in a quite easy manner.


The list of features that have been mentioned above certainly makes Laravel the best framework to use. The features that are offered by the Laravel framework are certainly quite unique when compared with all the other frameworks. In addition, it is quite user-friendly and provides a supported environment for web developers.

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