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WordPress for Enterprise: Why Your Site Should Use WordPress as CMS


It is seen that if you are having an enterprise business, then you would need to maintain a reliable and scalable web presence so that you can remain competitive towards your business approach. You can think of WordPress as your next CMS.

If you are building an enterprise website, then you would have to face a lot of challenges. These certainly mean that you would have to look after high traffic, lots of pages, subdomains etc. on the enterprise website.

In the past, enterprise websites were made using custom solutions. Since the technology has evolved a lot, WordPress is being used predominately for making enterprise website.

In general, users feel that WordPress is generally being used as a blogging platform or for a small-scalebusiness website. But, the matter of fact is that WordPress is a CMS that can be used for businesses of all kinds including the enterprise sector.

In the points below, we are going to explain how WordPress is a great option for enterprise. Keep reading!!

Low cost

Proprietary CMS solutions can cost the users a lot. Moreover, you would have to bedependent on the maker and hence it can dig a hole in your pocket.

On the contrary, WordPress is absolutely free as it is open source which ismaintained by volunteers as well as developers across the globe. So, any user can potentially download it, modify,copy etc. as per the desire.

Furthermore, using WordPress you can have access to free themes and plugins which could prove helpful in enhancing the performance and design of your website. This can indeed help you to save time as well as money in the entire process.

Highly reliable

Many people feel that WordPress is not reliable for the enterprise website but this is certainly not the case.

WordPress is being developed by the best coders, developers, testers etc. on the planet. Moreover, they are being used by the world’s best WordPress companies across the globe.

In addition, WordPress is being built alongside reputed technologies such as SQL, PHP, and JavaScript. They have proved their effectiveness over the internet for a long period of time.


Safety is one of the primary factors that users are concerned about over the internet. Safety is even more important for high profile organizations.

WordPress is very secure for enterprise websites thanks to the dedicated team who are collaborated with leading hosting providers.

The team looks out for all the reported issues as well as publishes security updates if required. They can be appliedautomatically to the existing WordPress installation.

In addition, the users should follow best security practices so that the website is not compromised.

Easy to use

Ease of use is certainly a very important factor that enterprise website owner look out for. WordPress truly stands on their expectation.

WordPress is considered very user-friendly. A lot of users have started their website on WordPress without having any prior knowledge ofweb technology.

WordPress offers interactive website, multimedia support and different kind of management tools which makes it quite easy to work with.

Search Engine friendly

WordPress is a platform which is quite searchengine friendly. It comes up with a lot of standard features such as RSS feeds, custom permalinks, sitemaps, breadcrumbs which makes it search engine friendly.

In addition, WordPress is equipped with great SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and ALL IN ONE SEO which makes your SEO campaign very successful.

Hence, if your goal is to rank your enterprise website on the top of the search engine ranking, then WordPress is the platform that you should look out for.

Future proof

A lot of the enterprise website owners are concerned aboutthe fact that if WordPress is an idealplatform for long term investment? Well, the answer is yes.

As per the recent survey, it has been known that the users of WordPress are growing up rapidly each year. Hence, it is quite unlikely that it is going to get abandoned.

In addition, in the coming time,WordPress is going to get integrated with modern technologies which is a very good sign. Also due WP REST API, we are able to extend it as a SASS application called WPdrift.IO.

So, any investment made on WordPress for enterprise websites is going to be a good investment as well as the choice.

Not limited to bloggers

WordPress first began as a blogging website but it has evolved a lot over the years. In the present, it is been widely used to create all types of websites.

WordPress center of attraction has always been the creation of content but the ability of WordPress is surely expanded beyond just blogging.

In the current time, using the following platform you can create any type of websites such as business websites, news websites, e-commerce websites as well as enterprise websites.


Scalability is an important factor that should be looked out for the enterprise website. If the CMS of the website cannot handle the traffic, then it is certainly not suitable for use.

So, the next question that must be coming toyour mind is that if WordPress has good scalability? Well, the answer is yes.

WordPress can be used on any kind of hosting environment of any size and kind. It can be used for a singlesite as well as multisite networks.

A lot of renowned websites are using WordPress as a platform such as TechCrunch,, as well as airbnb. Hence, with WordPress scalability would never be an issue.

Flexible and expandable

WordPress platform has 50,000+ themes as well as several themes available to be accessed.

So, whatever be the requirement of your enterprise website, WordPress platform is certainly going to have a solution for it.

In a scenario where the solution is not available, then an experienceddeveloper will create a solution for you due to the open source nature of this platform.

In addition, you can also integrate third-party websites with WordPress websites using wide range of APIsthat are available on the platform.

Moreover, it is been used globally due to the fact that it supports multiple languages which includes the time, currency formats as well as date.

Final verdict

The use of WordPress for enterprise websites is becoming very common these days. The platform easily adapts to the requirement of the complexas well as large-scale websites.

Moreover, it is very secure, reliable and scalable and potentially stands on the requirement of the enterprise clients. In addition, it is absolutely free of cost to use which makes it stand out from the other crowd.

The demand is going to increase in the future and hence a lot of enterprise websites would be built on WordPress as the CMS. Don’t hold back! Get your enterprise website today!!

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