Leetcode - Intersection of Two Arrays (with JavaScript)

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Today I am going to show how to solve the Leetcode Intersection of Two Arrays algorithm problem.

Here is the problem:
Alt Text

There are no built-in methods in JavaScript for computing an intersection. That's why I use a new data structure, Set, which was introduced in ECMAScript 2015. As you know, set objects are collections of unique values.

First, I use Set to store both arrays. Then, I create an array from a set1 using the spread operator. I filter through the array to select the elements that are also in the second set object (set2).

var intersection = function(nums1, nums2) {

    let set1 = new Set(nums1);
    let set2 = new Set(nums2);

    let output = [...set1].filter(x => set2.has(x))

    return output



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Shorter version:

const intersection = (arr1, arr2) => [...new Set(arr1)].filter(x => new Set(arr2).has(x))