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How I passed DVA-C01 - AWS Certified Developer - Associate

So I finally passed an AWS certification (AWS Certified Developer - Associate) after two months of preparation and I wanted to share my experience here.
I used the following resources for preparation.

  • Stephane Maarek's course on Udemy
  • AWS Practice Exams by Jon-Bonso on tutorialsdojo
  • AWS Practice Exams by Whizlabs
  • AWS exam cheat sheet by tutorialsdojo
  • AWS FAQs

I had already used mainstream AWS services like AWS lambdas, S3, and EC2, and that's all. So I wanted a course that not only covers the theoretical part but also offers hands-on experience. After some googling, I came across Stephane Maarek's course on Udemy. It was rated best seller so I bought this course. This course was well managed and the author had logically grouped different services together. This helped me understand the use of different AWS services in a better way. The author also provided pdf lectures of the course to quickly revise concepts. This is what I really liked about this course. There was a quiz activity at the end of each section.

After I finished this course, one of my colleagues told me that this course alone won't help you pass your AWS exam. He advised me to buy exam dumps from tutorialsdojo for practice. I bought the dumps and started solving a paper. I roughly got only 30% of the questions right. This was alarming as I was supposed to give this exam in a week. I told my manager to give me another month for preparation. Tutorialsdojo exam dumps provide detailed explanation for each question. Always read the explanation. I started reading AWS FAQs provided on the official website and AWS cheatsheet by tutorialsdojo. With these materials, I gradually started doing better in the exam dumps. After finishing all exam dumps, I wanted to practice some more questions so I bought exam dumps from whizlabs as well. They were slightly difficult than tutorialsdojo exam dumps but the theme was the same. The AWS cheat sheet provided by tutorialsdojo is really good but due to time shortage, I only studied the main topics from the cheatsheet. I also didn't read all the AWS FAQs given on the official website(Please read them. They really help). I was now confident that I can pass the AWS exam. I scheduled the exam and passed my AWS certification on 2 July. I got 904/1000 marks in the exam.

I am happy and wanted to share this with the Dev community. Sorry for any typos or grammatical mistakes in the post. This is my post ever and I am nervous.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions.I'd love to answer your queries.

Stay safe <3

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grayson levi

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Congratulations Usama!!