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How to change base repo in Github CLI?

When you use Github cli for fist time on locally clone forked repo, then you get some message that asked to setup base repo to execute all queries.

$ gh issue list
? Which should be the base repository (used for e.g. querying issues) for this directory?  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
  <name of owner> / <name of repo>
> <your name> / <name of repo>
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If you setup wrong repo here, then these is no any gh command to change base repo. I face this issue, but not found solution easily.

The solution is:

  1. Open .git/config file
  2. Remove line gh-resolved = base
  3. Save the file and close

OR you can use this command

$ git config --unset
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That's it, now you prompted again to select repo. Select correct repo and go ahead.

For more info refer this discussion on Github:

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jbelina profile image

This is still a very useful tip. Thanks so much. I got stuck when I used gh repo sync and picked the wrong repo to sync from.

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Cesar David

Thank you very much! You save my life""