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Web based terminal - Project Demo

Hey folks,

I am trying to make a web based terminal. In which you can run a command and that command execute on your server.

Idea behind project

We know that server run on different operating systems and each operating system has their own basic utility to get useful information and also has some useful tools to monitor CPU and RAM usage, etc. These tools and utilities run through a terminal/CLI. You can use that terminal through my web app to get information about your server system. Mobile client can support also, so no need to open computer, just open the app and type command whatever you want 😄.

Technical details

Techs are React for frontend and NodeJS, and child_process modules for backend. There is on any emulator concept. Terminal commands are depends on server's operating system (I make it for my local server, so it supports windows commands),

How project works?

There is a simple concept of child process. For each socket, I create a new child process using the spawn function, which is running terminal executable file("cmd.exe" for windows). Now through socket event, I send input command to standard input of child process and get back standard output/error and send it to client.

YouTube Demo:

GitHub Link: Html and Terminal

GitHub logo Utsav-Ladani / Html-and-Terminal

Type command in browser and run on server


Html and terminal is a basic project, where you can type commnd in browser and run it on your server. You can use it as a your server manager.

Demo Link here:

Note: This project build successfully on windows 7, but not checked on real server.

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Abdullah Memon

Simple and useful. I would suggest using react-terminal-ui for a better ux. You see if we could write commands like we do in the terminal - that would be sick!
Also, multiple windows for concurrent operations.. we can do so many things with this!

Wishing you good luck 😃

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Utsav Ladani

Thanks for help