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Hi Devs!

This is my first article here. I've prepared list of reasources that are related to remote work, because many people in my country (Poland) have to work from home because of virus. Take a look, and maybe some links will also be useful for you.

1) List of tools for remote work - every soft you need
INFO: tools for communication, recruitment/employment, task and project management and many, many more.

2) Dozens of interviews with bosses and employees of companies operating in the remote work model
INFO: this page has not been updated for a long time, but it is still full of knowledge for anyone who would like to work from home.

3) The biggest evil in remote work? Adaptation of employees to the boss's work schedule
INFO: remote work should be (as much as possible) asynchronous.

4) Knowledge hub about remote work - a huge collection of articles and materials
INFO: daily updated collection of links about remote work.

5) Episode of the 'Yonder' podcast about remote work - the company have 15+ years experience (1 hour audio)
INFO: below the recording, there is a complete transcript for people who prefer reading rather than listening or for people with a severe auditory impairment

6) Remote work - pros, cons and how to deal with it. Thoughts from famous blogger after 4 years of remote work
INFO: few thoughts about dealing with working constantly from home office and how to not lost relationships in real world

7) Free guide about remote work from Zapier (a company with employees in several countries around the world)
INFO: how to work in different time zones? How to avoid burnout when working remotely? How to work faster and more productive?

8) How we work remotely in GitLab
INFO: follow links in every chapter to read more about each topic

9) "40 lessons learned from 4 years of remote work" - from Buffer company

10) List of places where you can find remote job for freelancers (97 services)

This list was oryginaly created in Polish language only.
English translation prepared by Wojciech Błaszczuk (Twitter: julianvolodia )


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