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Discussion on: Great User Stories for Continuous Deployment

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Janne Sinivirta Author

Our current thinking is that if you are doing microservices and aren't relying heavily on messaging, you are doing something wrong. In part exactly for the reasons you outlined above. Microservice should be deployable in isolation. So if it depends on bunch other services being available when it is deployed, it isn't "deployable in isolation". Crafting services with well-picked business boundaries and letting messaging be the transport layer, you get services that don't care if their "dependencies" are up when they are.

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Stuart Cullinan

Yes, but what we are talking about here is frontend / backend separation, not inter microservice communications which I would agree are better served via async persistent messaging. Our frontends communicate with backends (microservices) via RESTful APIs and I was referring the trouble of creating a story that covers both vs separating the story to cover them separately.