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Career change at 40 — best careers for women after 40

Career change in most cases is not given simply and no matter what kind of return and gender.
But if we take it specifically for women and of the specified age, then from my experience I would suggest switching to the IT sector, since there are a sufficient number of specialties that can be learned quite simply after completing a course of 3-4 months and getting the first offer in IT.

What is good about IT and why is it worth looking in this direction?

  1. Good wages and benefits
  2. Interesting work is not associated with hard work
  3. Excellent career opportunities
  4. Confidence in your future

How can the state help you change your profession?
Program name: WIA / ETPL
Resource: Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

If you look closely at this resource, choose a location that interests your specialty and you can find a course to your liking.

After you have decided on a profession and a school, you need to call the selected school and ask to connect you with a person who is involved in the ETPL program at the school. After that, this person will give you the most complete information about the grant, etc.

Basic rules for the provision of grants:
• Be on welfare
• For those who have lost their jobs (unemployment), for example, Santa Clara county provides funds to pay for technical courses. You can also request additional information in the department where you are located on unemployment

Also, on the example of the state of Florida and the WIA / ETPL program
Resource: Florida Department Economic Opportunity

For more information, see Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)

There is a list of places who fall into this program and can conduct training under the ETPL program.

You can also write ETPL AZ in the search, etc.

What to choose from specialties?
The simplest of the IT specialties is QA (Quality Assurance), starting offer from $ 40USD per hour

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