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Useful PyCharm plugins for everyone

Plugins for PyCharm are presented in quite a large number, and they help to adapt this tool to your needs if there is not enough functionality by default. To install plugins, you need to follow the following path directly from the running IDE:

Files -> Settings -> Plugins

By opening the plugins page, you will be able to choose the most suitable ones for yourself. I suggest installing the following plugins for PyCharm:

  • Material Theme UI

Many have noted that the appearance is rather "clumsily" implemented in PyCharm. Therefore, we suggest installing the Material ThemeUI plugin to change the appearance of this IDE to a more familiar and pleasant one. By the way, this plugin is also applicable to other IDE from JetBrains.

  • Highlight Bracket Pair

A plugin that helps developers correctly navigate the ratio of opening and closing brackets.

  • Grep Console

This is a plugin that extends the standard functionality of the PyCharm console to a more advanced and convenient one.

  • DeepBugs for Python

This is a plugin that is based on artificial intelligence, and its main activity is to search for potential errors and problems in the code.

  • CodeGlance

This is an extension that adds a minimap of code to the PyCharm panel, which greatly facilitates the search for the desired code fragment in an open file.

  • Key Promoter X

This is an assistant plugin for novice programmers. It tells you which keyboard shortcuts can be used instead of using the mouse. Because, as you know, working with the mouse slows down the coding process a little, and with the help of "hotkeys" you can do the work very quickly.

  • JSON Parser

A plugin with which you can check and format JSON directly inside PyCharm, and not "run away" to the browser for this.

  • IdeaVim

For those programmers who are used to the Vim editor and are looking for similarities with it in all other tools, there is this plugin. It brings with it Vim emulation right inside the PyCharm editor itself.

  • Big Data Tools

If you expect to use PyCharm and Python to work with big data, then you will definitely need this plugin, which will add to PyCharm all the necessary tools for working with Big Data.

  • BashSuppot

When you need Bash language support in the project, this plugin will add this feature to PyCharm.

All available plugins for PyCharm can be found on the official page of this tool. If you plan to install plugins from any other sources, then these sources should be from a trusted circle, so as not to harm your project and even your computer.

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