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Next Right Now v2 - Play around with Next.js v9.4 using SSG/SSR, incremental builds, fallback builds, preview mode and more!

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Hello React lovers.

We recently released NRN v2, which features building web apps using Next.js framework (9.4) and GraphQL/GraphCMS. 🎉

Next Right Now (NRN) is meant to help you build production-grade projects using the Next.js framework. It can be used as a boilerplate to start a new project, or as an educational resource.

The v2 version brings the following features out of the box:

  • SSG: Static pages (per-page configuration SSG/SSR)
  • Preview mode: Preview dynamic content on “static” pages
  • Incremental rebuild: Rebuild part of your app incrementally (per-page configuration) to automatically keep static content up-to-date
  • Partial pre-build: Use fallback option to build your pages on-demand, and have them statically served afterwards
  • Full TS support
  • Hosted on Vercel
  • Advanced stages and secrets configuration
  • SaaS B2B advanced support (monorepo design)
  • I18n/Localisation
  • Automated deployments (CI/CD) using Github Actions
  • Monitoring, testing and analytics
  • Integrated documentation website using Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Demo: (play around with SSG/SSG, incremental builds, fallback builds, preview mode and more!)


What's next?

NRN next preset will be an Airtable integration (instead of GraphCMS), to showcase how to consume a REST-ish API

NRN is officially recommended by React i18next for internationalising Next.js apps

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