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Discussion on: Automated End to End tests made easy

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Any thoughts on the future of Taiko? My understanding is that Thoughtworks is "stopping the funding" i.e. handing the project over to "the community". That can go well like with Selenium (also from Thoughtworks). Or it could go not so well :-)
I am new to Taiko so it's hard to get a feel for it, but I'm about to decide on which testing tool/framework to use for a brand new test suite partially by migrating from selenium.

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Gökay Okyay

You’re right. I saw there are just two contributors were active for the last month. In my opinion, it doesnt mean that project is dead, it’s just not highly active like other frameworks. But I think thats the beauty of the open source world! If you need something about the project, instead of waiting to get it done, you can implement it by yourself! (Even it’s hard 😛)

My advice is: try some basic tests and then if you’re happy with it, keep using it. If not, switch to more active frameworks. Keep in mind that highly active products can die too, yup I’m talking about Angular 1 😂