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Valentin Prugnaud 🦊
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Productivity Pixel - Inspiration

I like to work when inspired, but how to be inspired? Here are a few tips to find inspiration.

1 - Keep a good headspace

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It goes without saying: if you don’t feel good, inspiration is less likely to come. Nurture your optimism and self-esteem to invite inspiration.

2 - Don’t pressure yourself

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Though I find inspiration to be a great way to be productive, no need to pressure yourself, it will prevent you from maintaining that good headspace!

3 - Do something related

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To provoke inspiration, do something related to the task you need inspiration for. Some housekeeping tasks, small bug fixes, anything. Inspiration might pay you a visit.

4 - Develop your skills

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Work mastery invites inspiration. Keep your skills sharp and keep learning, and inspiration will follow.

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