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Journey to Bitcoin Ticker medals in Flutter Bootcamp

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Once I had gone through the starting tutorial, I followed along to try to get to the medals, this was my journey.

(Using coinAPI.IO, if you are curious)

Bronze Medal - Fetch data from API

Getting data! This was my output in console

 `"time": "2021-04-09T17:21:17.0000000Z",

 "asset": "USD",

 "rate": 58129.784449564185964438276044,

 "volume": 1006691938.9265092649750800000
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 "time": "2021-04-09T17:21:17.0000000Z",

 "asset": "ETH",

 "rate": 58122.310040699224159054898831,

 "volume": 411765352.84316552267440165637
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 "time": "2021-04-09T17:21:17.0000000Z",

 "asset": "BCH",

 "rate": 58113.757733838815756287353973,

 "volume": 25098215.853426955508618248687
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4 . New bug now

Exception has occurred.
_TypeError (type '_InternalLinkedHashMap<String, dynamic>' is not a subtype of type 'FutureOr<int>')

I had to update the return type to Future<dynamic> in getCurrencyData
Make sure that the async work is done outside of setState
void updateUI() async {
var coinData = await coin.getCoinExchangeRateForCurrency("BTC", "USD");
setState(() {
double doubleRate = coinData['rate'];
rate = doubleRate.toInt();

Silver Medal - Get pickers working

Cupertino picker - Set the initial index of the picker to USD
scrollController: FixedExtentScrollController(initialItem: 19),

I hardcoded the 19 for now (USD is the 19th item in the list). will change this to be dynamic later, but for now, this works.

Gold Medal - Fetch price for other cryptocurrencies

Add 3 more Text cards to include the value of all 3 cryptos in project. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

This will be a good place to keep DRY(donā€™t repeat yourself) in mind. Extract current card widget to create the 3 new ones . But lets not get ahead of ourselves for now, just focus on functionality

! - since we get all 3 cryptos with any call, I only need to create 2 additional variables to keep track of ethereum and litecoin and pass those to their Text widgets

int ltcRate;
int ethRate;

It works!! Now - time to refactor

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