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Stephan Nijman
Stephan Nijman

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WordPress Dev Digest October 2019

Originally posted on my website on October 31th 2019

WordPress October in short.

October has still been all about the upcoming WordPress 5.3 release which is now scheduled for November 12th. You can check out the latest version WordPress 5.3 RC3 here.

Some things of interest to developers are: Some new Block Api's like server side Block styles and a Block example Api. Block Editor Theme-related updates. Updates to Image Processing. Support for the upcoming Php 7.4. Some updates to the REST Api like support for object and array Meta types. Functions to add UGC attribute to links. And Gutenberg 6.7

Also don't forget to check out the WordCamp US 2019 Livestream from November 1th till November 2th.


Shameless self promotion :p






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Have a great November.

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