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An Overview of Mobile App Development Team and Process

With this article, I’m gonna take you through the entire journey of building an app from beginning to end now through my time working as an ios app development company we’ve worked in teams large and small and also been at the helm as an Owner for one of my own app-based companies and I’m very fortunate to have been recognized for some of the work that I’ve done throughout the years.

So I’m going to teach you how to make an app from beginning to end going from idea validation through to how you would design the app through to how you would monetize your app as well as development and marketing your app in order to get downloads on the App Store so it’s gonna be a whirlwind tour of the entire process and I hope you’re ready


We’re gonna get started with our idea so it doesn’t matter if you have an idea as a mobile app development team prepared or if you’re still in the process of brewing one this is one of the most important parts of your app development journey how do you figure out if your app idea is a good one how do you know if it’s worth spending your time and your money and your energy to build this app how do you know if it’s gonna be a good one so one of the first pieces of advice that I give to students is to talk to absolutely everybody if you’re on a plane talk to your air hostess about your app idea if you’re in a supermarket talk to your checkout cashier about your idea everybody has a valid opinion and by doing this.


You might just come across your mobile app development team who has a unique insight or who might be one of your app’s customers in the future and people who will give you advice along the way now whenever I tell people this the first question I always get is should I ask for an NDA or what’s known as a nondisclosure agreement now this for those you guys who don’t know is basically a piece of legal that sort of prevents anybody from stealing your idea but of course, you would need the legal console to be able to back up that piece of paper and it’s rarely done and one of my friends who works on any other location where a lot of the venture capitalists are based in Silicon Valley you know he said that if a founder comes to him and the first thing they do is to slide an NDA across the table.


Many knows almost instantly that this guy is a newbie because anybody who’s built anything worthwhile will know that the idea is only such a small part of the success of the product and there’s so much more to it including a lot of blood sweat and tears and a lot of hard work so my answer to this question is emphatically no try and get advice from as many people as you can without putting them off by having to sign an NDA in most cases if it’s a really good idea you can bet that probably five or six people across the world already have the same idea and some of them are working on it and some of them are trying to get people to sign NDA’s now the next thing that you need to do is a little bit of market research so what go on to Google go on to the.


App Store search for variations of your idea and see if anybody’s already created it now the important thing to remember is that if somebody has already created your idea that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make it because you might have unique domain knowledge you might know more about the topic of your mobile app development team than the other people who are making it but there are also other things like you might create an app with a better user experience you might create one that’s far better designed than the existing products there are unique angles that you can approach in every single idea and remember that Facebook wasn’t the first social network and Google wasn’t the first search engine so don’t let it put you off but let it inform you you need to be aware of who your competitors.

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