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re: Hey folks 🙌 I am working on new features of my WordPress Theme Directory approved theme viz. Sandalwood. I need help regarding Customizer API from...

Hello Ihtisham,

I want to take a look and help you to improve the theme, but I see that your latest pull request was 8 months ago. Are you still interesting?

Kind regards,


Hello Vasilis,

I'd love to have you on board. Feel free to reach out for any suggestion/improvements regarding the theme.

Hi Ihtisham

It is my pleasure! I just clone the repository to my github and I will try to make some pull requests. From your side , do you have any suggestion? Do you want to communicate with each other by choosing a specific way?

Kind regards,


That's great that you've already started. You can find me on skype by my name, drop me a message anytime :)


I send you a friend request on skype. So, please confirm! :)

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