The road to senior dev part 2

Alfonso Paredes Cervantes on June 25, 2018

Introduction This text is a follow up from The Road to senior dev. What I want to share is some advice on how to be a well-rounded sof... [Read Full]
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I have read both of your articles, you have good points for sure, but I expected more detailed points.

The senior issue is a big one: it seems that people really cannot agree on WHO is a senior and who is not.

Some people think that to become a senior you have to answer all (or 90% of) the questions they ask you about a technology or about your work. Is that even possible in our line of work?

Some people talk about the 10000 hours. Some talk about company specific seniority... It is a mess!

How do you think someone can become a senior at their work? A senior software developer?


I believe it depends on the industry you work. At the end it comes tumbling down to the value you add. In certain sectors is more important that you know the business inside out, and in others your level of technology expertise.

For instance, here in Tijuana we have a lot of manufacturing plants, and in many work people who have written applications crucial for the plant operation, but they wouldn't be considered senior in a software house mainly because they are not up to date with new technologies. But they provide a lot of value for their companies and get rewarded accordingly


From top to bottom
1) Kanban and Scrum, making the most of both
2) 97 things every programmer should know
3) The clean coder
4) Building microservices: Sam Newman
5) The Pragmatic Programmer
6) Introduction to Algorithms

All the team select which books to buy, and everybody picks a book and we have a couple of reading sessions a week. No phone or screens allowed during reading time. We let our brains rest by learning


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Thank you!!.a wonderful write up


Thanks mate!,

Saludos from Tijuana, México!

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