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Social Distancing Code Shirts

A couple ago, I saw @amdev83 post about social distancing in the form of CSS. He also mentioned desiring it on a t-shirt.

I decided I might be able to make that happen. I threw the code into my editor to get the right colored syntax and set off to make the CSS shirt. I set up the shirt and left the price with no profit to me. Then someone asked where the proceeds were going. I upped the price and decided to give the proceeds to @Help_Hospitals.

I increased the prices some and added Javascript, Ruby, and Python versions. So far, we've raised a little over $10 to give to @Help_Hospitals.

The designs are available on all sorts of shirts in tons of different colors.

several types of shirts with syntax highlighted css: /* COVIDー19 */ .people { margin: 6ft !important; }

Once I made all of those shirts, I decided to mimic the language-agnostic SauceLabs test.AllTheThings() shirts and created distance.AllThePeople() shirts. These distance.AllThePeopple() ones are definitely my favorites.

different colored t-shirts that say distance.AllThePeople()

I got my shirt last Friday and wore it yesterday!

Anyway, you can find all of the designs at this shop link.

Note: I'm not sure this post is allowed, I'm happy to take it down if it isn't.

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Yechiel Kalmenson

These are awesome!

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