re: An automatic interactive pre-commit checklist, in the style of infomercials VIEW POST

re: Oh my god I need this! I really do looove good status/error messages.

Call now!!

What would your checklist be, Ben?


The way my brain works, I feel nervous trying to define a checklist. Even though I know I have one. I have commitment issues. I'm going to give this a lot of thought from this post.

From reading your other stuff, I know I approach things in a much more abstract/chaotic way. I need all the help systematizing that I can get.

Good news: bash scripts, unlike comments on the Internet, are not publicly shared! :D You can have fun writing and rewriting all you like!

Case in point: this post does not contain my actual checklist. ^^;

I don't know if you know but you can set the scripts in any language to any hooks, not neccesarily bash, just set the correct shebang in the script and no more.

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