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Rails Blog Post

I finished my Rails blog post for my Phase 3 project at Flatiron School.

I decided to create a project similar to my Sinatra project; my Sinatra project was a "pupdate" blog to keep up with puppy updates and my Rails project is about rating dog training. Dogs are given a score, top scores are displayed separately, and the scores have space for descriptions on training progress.

I created models and controllers for the training updates, the dogs, and the users. A breed model also allowed for a dog to belong_to a breed. I set up the has_many and belongs_to relationships as needed.

Users are able to log in, log out, see the dogs listed that are available to provide a training score for, or create a new dog to score. Validations are in place so users are not able to update others' scores or added dogs.

Another element of this project that is more advanced than Sinatra is that there is the option to log in with Google. Omniauth allows users to log in with third-party logins, such as Facebook, Twitter, Github, or Google. I chose to do Google. Users can use their Google account to log in.

If you want to check out my project, here is the GitHub repo.

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