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Top picks from Andy Jassy's reInvent 2020 keynote

We are at the end of 2020 and Amazon planned to wrap up this year with some happiness followed by new AWS releases, announcements, and in-depth learnings with the help of AWS re:Invent.

AWS re:Invent is one of the biggest cloud computing events. This time AWS is organizing re:Invent completely virtually from November 30 โ€“ December 18, 2020.

Here I have some top picks or you can say some of the biggest announcements of this year from AWS CEO Andy Jassy's keynote. In a three-hour virtual session, Andy Jassy revealed some interesting things, and they are:

EC2 Mac Instances for macOS

Previously, AWS was offering Microsoft Windows and Linux instances in the amazon elastic compute cloud (EC2). And now they will be offering Mac instances for macOS operating systems too.

Developers can now easily work and build apps for Apple devices including macOS and iOS. AWS already holds more than 30% cloud market share in the present world and with this announcement they have become the first-ever cloud provider that offers macOS in the cloud.

Other EC2 updates

There were four major EC2 updates apart from the macOS EC2 instance and they are:

Soon AWS will be launching Amazon EC2 G4ad Instances Featuring AMD GPUs for high graphics workloads
Soon you'll be able to perform tasks that require high-performance graphics such as game streaming, video rendering, animation, and that too in EC2 at low cost.

New EC2 C6gn Instances โ€“ 100 Gbps Networking with AWS Graviton2 Processors
AWS has expanded its Arm-based Graviton2 portfolio with C6gn instances that will deliver up to 38 Gbps Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) bandwidth, up to 40% better price/performance versus comparable current-generation x86-based network optimized instances, up to 100 Gbps network bandwidth, and up to 40% higher packet processing performance.

D3 / D3en Dense Storage Instances
AWS has previously launched several EC2 instances with dense storage such as D2, HS1. And now they have launched D3 and D3en instances which will be offering massive amounts of low-cost on-instance HDD storage.

Amazon EC2 R5b Instances: 3x Higher EBS Performance
AWS has announced a new R5b instance, which will offer the best network-attached storage performance available on EC2.
R5 series instances are designed for memory-intensive applications such as in-memory databases, real-time big data analytics, high-performance databases, etc.

Announcements related to containers

Container Images with Lambda: AWS Lambda will now support Container Images. AWS Lambda is a serverless computing platform by AWS. You can simply upload and run your code without being worried about servers. And now you can pack and deploy Lambda functions as container images in a size up to 10 GB.

Amazon ECR Public: A New Public Container Registry
We have been previously hosting private container images on AWS with the help of the Elastic Container Registry(ECR). And now we can host public images too, with Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public(ECR Public).

AWS Proton: automate container and serverless application development & deployment
Proton will enable the teams to define standard templates centrally and make them available for developers in their organization. So it will be easy to maintain thousands of microservices at a time. Also, Infrastructure teams can manage and update infrastructure without impacting the developer's work.

Amazon DevOps guru

It's a fully managed operations service that uses machine learning to identify operational issues long before they impact end-users or customers. It will also recommend you the fixes using machine learning.

Missed something? Please feel free to add them in the comments :)

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