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[beginner] Install third party application on AWS EC2

In this solution I installed Mattermost application using open source package

Following are the brief steps implemented in this solution.

· Create Custom VPC to build the solution.
· Implement 2 different subnets (one public and the other private) in a this VPC
· Implement Route table and make connection to internet gateway for internet capability to public subnet.
· Implement NAT Instance along with another custom route entry which will allow private instance to connect to internet securely.
· Allow Public subnet only to connect to private instance like a bastion host.
· Install and configure MySQL on an Ubuntu 18.04 instance on the private subnet.
· Install and configure Mattermost on an Ubuntu 18.04 instance on the public subnet.
· Configure the security groups to allow the ports as shown in the architecture.
· Test the installation by accessing the IP of the public instance in a browser via the port 8065.
· Monitor application in cloudwatch.

Complete solution is published here

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