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The pandemic and hypochondria ==

So. Let's start with that title.

The pandemic a.k.a covid-19, coronavirus, rona, it's been all over the news, all kinds of timelines, everywhere, you read/hear details that you might not want to, a term we can all relate to.

Hypochondria or the new term - health anxiety - some of you might not be on board with this one and still clicked the post, out of curiosity, maybe. Are you overly aware of your body sensations? Do you check your symptoms and it's pretty easy to construct conspiracy theory about what terminal illness they're sign of?
I do.

To me and I presume to most other people with health anxiety, this means almost constant stress and decreased ability to concentrate and work (code). One thing I've known for a while is that the golden rule in these situations is NOT TO GOOGLE your symptoms, that doesn't mean that you should disregard your health, but if you have any suspicions, you should contact/visit medical professional instead of Dr.Google. In the absence of fully functioning health care system (especially if you live in the second or third world or your country is hard hit from the pandemic), this is not really possible (or considered risky).

And that's how we come to the third part of the title. I wanted to create a top notch, latest UI/UX implemented web page that ease the effects of this mix of health anxiety and pandemic mayhem. And that's how was born.

yes, cat gifs!

It's very intuitive and easy to use. You can even change themes and share the page on your social media portals!

Note: the domain with two o's would have costed me the same as buying this beauty, so I opted out and bought the cheaper version (of the domain).

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