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10 Ideas for B2B Marketplace

The Internet is full of ideas for a rapidly growing B2B business. However, these ideas are often similar and promote the tools and marketing solutions already used in the B2B Marketplace. On the Exceed Team resource, I found unique ideas for B2B business. What do you think about their practical application?

  1. Full accountability and discretion
    The more detailed and better the report for a B2B seller is, the more confident he feels in the application. Get complete reporting by integrating not only AI into your application to collect personalized customer data but also:
    Integrate with accounting and logistics programs;
    Provide sellers with access to free price changes for their products;
    Integrate the "warehouse" system, reflecting not only the remaining stocks but also what goods customers buy more or less often;
    Ensure transparency of operations with money and document flow.

  2. Electronic document management

1) Electronic invoices;
2) Electronic supply contracts;
3) Electronic checks (that has been used for a long time);
4) Automatically generated accounting entries;
5) Logistic reports;
6) Statistics of changes in income and other indicators for the month/half-year/year.

You can create templates or integr
ate the capabilities of Google Docs to maintain and correctly fill them. This will ensure the speed and reduce the time spent in the app for a B2B seller.

  1. Facilitation of repeated goofs ordering
    When faced with a suitable provider, a B2B customer wants to work with him again.
    Let this process happen easier with the following tools:
    The ability to increase the number of goods directly in the consumer's basket.
    Add a seller or a product to the “favorites” section and report changes in its price and quantity, when the product is available for purchase again, change the description in the partner's profile, etc.
    A system for storing your payment data. It allows you to quickly set up purchases and not enter the same data every time.

  2. Mini office inside the application
    There is often a team of people behind B2B customers. Suppose you enable a B2B account to create additional profiles and a chat in your profile. In that case, your team takes the necessary statistics for analysis at any time or helps the seller with emerging tasks.

  3. Business plan
    Business development is important. Many entrepreneurs often worry about the future. To relieve this concern, you can integrate a program into the application that automatically writes a business plan. By uploading a report from the app to this system, a B2B seller can understand in detail the trend of his business and find ideas for improving efficiency.

  4. Safety
    It is worth working out the levels of accessibility to information within the account and several methods for determining the user. Perhaps technology can provide a better security system. We are talking about such technological solutions as:
    1)Facial biometrics;
    2)Electronic signature;
    3)Voice confirmation.

  5. More opportunities for a product demonstration
    For B2B sellers, like B2C sellers, it is essential to show their product in the best possible way. In addition to photos, videos, and reviews that demonstrate the product’s design and quality, you can integrate augmented reality (AR) technology. Also, don't forget about 3D technologies.

  6. B2B sellers collaboration
    Increasingly, one can notice a tendency that the consumer wants to order a product and immediately buy all additional materials. Two sellers who produce different products usually used with each other (for example, a phone and a case, a printer and paper, flour and a baking dish, etc.) can combine such products into one set. Thus, by paying the full amount for the set, the buyer distributes the profit among the sellers. It allows you to increase sales efficiency and is already used in the B2C trading system.

  7. More features for landing pages
    The landing page in the B2B market calls buyers to action. Its design and appearance are extremely important. Modern sites and applications use such tools for landing page design:
    These tools help your B2B seller brand stand out from the competition and make your landing page more exciting and memorable.

  8. Education
    Many B2B customers may be afraid to move their work to an app because they don't understand how it works, and people are afraid of the unknown. The training feature that turns on at the user’s request helps solve this problem and shows how to interact with the application. This function is used by social networks so that new users quickly understand the mechanics and start working with their network.

What do you think about the complexity of technical glass to integrate such ideas into an app? How long will the development take?

All materials are taken from this article:

More details are written in the same place.

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